Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Issue of Domicile Certificate

Till a year ago Domicile Certificates were being issued by Grama Panchayaths. After the incident of Sheelanakere Grama Panchayath (KR Pete Taluk, Mandya District) Secretary being fined Rs.25,000/- by a local court for issuing Domicile Certificate by observing that the Grama Panchayath Secretary is not the competent authority to issue the same, we were told by ZP & TP officials to discontinue issuing it. Since then, whoever comes to GP asking for Domicile Certificate are directed to go to Nemmadi Kendra. Under the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens (Sakala) issuing of Domicile Certificate is one of the services of Revenue Department. So, all the PDOs should refrain from issuing Domicile Certificates



please upload the court order to blog or google groups. It will helpful to us.

Ramesh HT said...

Right now I don't have the copy of Court Order. I will upload it as soon as I get it.

supriya prabhu said...

An incident happened in my GP regarding the issue of domicile certificate. Our secretary issued the certificate to some person for the purpose of passport. The next day Police SI came to our office asking who issued it. Obviously i pointed finger towards him n asked SI wats wrong. He said the person doesn"t have a voter ID or ration card, hw can u prove he is residing here. The way SI behaved with him made me feel bad. Since then Karkala taluk PDO's and secretaries stopped issuing such certificates. We are all happy now :) anyway our GP presidents are issuing it.